Employees- make a plan to access the office

Calendar If you need to access your office, you must have supervisory approval. You must alert the AO or RD at your location of your intention to access your office. Most locations have calendars or schedules that include each individual’s name and proposed work schedule.
Six Foot Supervisors must limit their approvals to assure that very few employees within their section are in the office at the same time. Each section must not exceed 50% capacity and social / physical distancing of at least 6 feet apart must be observed at all times.
Mask Employees are required to wear a mask while in our offices. This includes elevators, bathrooms, copier and scanner locations, conference rooms, break rooms, kitchens, file rooms and all common areas. Masks must cover both your nose and your mouth. You may remove your mask if you are working alone in your office, or in a cubicle where no one else is nearby.

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