Office of Military and Veterans Affairs

  • The Office of Attorney General is grateful and proud of the service of Pennsylvania's nearly 1 million veterans and military members, as well as their families.  Their contributions and sacrifices for the country, the Commonwealth and Pennsylvania's communities cannot be overstated.

    On this website, veterans and their families will find a variety of resources that aim to help veterans, including tips for avoiding scams and preventing identity theft.  The Office of Attorney General hopes this information is helpful and user-friendly.

    To contact the Office of Military and Veterans Affairs call our helpline at 717-783-1944 or feel free to send an email.


    Disclaimer: The Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General’s (OAG) Office of Military and Veterans Affairs (OMVA) is committed to providing information and assistance to the Pennsylvania veteran and military communities; however, the OMVA cannot provide legal advice. Accordingly, any private citizen requiring legal advice or representation should consult a private attorney.

    The information and external links included on this website and in OMVA publications are intended for informational purposes only, and are current as of October 2014. The OAG is not responsible for the contents of any external links referenced, and private citizens should determine the information’s suitability according to their own needs and purposes.