Education and Outreach

  • The Education and Outreach Unit offers a number of free educational programs to help school personnel, students, parents and the community empower children with knowledge to keep them safe and to make good decisions. Our Education and Outreach staff provides presentations throughout Pennsylvania on topics ranging from drug awareness, cyber safety, and cyber bullying. These unique programs feature, interactive learning along with a powerful message. All the presentations are updated to remain consistent with the rapid changes of our society. The Education and Outreach Unit programs are also able to be tailored to the needs of your audience; given the content as it relates to the jurisdiction of the Office of Attorney General. All of the above topics can also be presented to parents to educate them on how to better protect their children.

    The Education and Outreach Unit also offers a variety of adult programs; Senior Crime Prevention University, ID Theft Protection and Older Adult Bullying: 101. These programs are geared toward educating older Pennsylvanians and their families throughout the Commonwealth on crime prevention, the threat of fraud as well as the growing problem of adult bullying. Our goal is to make Pennsylvania's adult population aware of these concerns, define these issues, and provide them with resources and to teach them how to avoid becoming a victim. These presentations will give the audience the tools necessary to make informed decisions in order to better protect their families from these devastating issues.

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