What will the Health Care Section do?

  • The changing face of health care in America has left many people, Pennsylvanians included, feeling frustrated and angry over the belief they have nowhere to turn. Time after time, we hear stories of insurers denying or delaying life-saving treatment or delaying payment to doctors and hospitals for so long that the patient often pays out- of- pocket to keep bill collectors at bay. These practices will no longer be tolerated in Pennsylvania.

    Leading the nation in addressing the problem, the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Health Care Section is one of the first consumer units in the United States.  Aimed at protecting the public from unfair health care practices and helping to shape Pennsylvania policy favor of the consumer, the Health Care Section will?

    • Help consumers get around barriers to proper health care;
    • Investigate cases where consumers are denied needed care or reimbursement;
    • Investigate unduly delayed payment by insurers for health care services provided;
    • Advise the Governor and the Legislature on consumer health care issues;
    • Assist in developing policies and proposed legislation to protect the consumer in the health care arena.

     While the Health Care Section investigates, mediates and takes legal action on behalf of consumers against health care organizations that are involved in unfair and deceptive practices, it does not act as a personal attorney. However, complaints of deceptive practices may spur an investigation and possible legal action. If the Attorney General believes investigation of a dispute is in the public interest, such on investigation in order to review the controversy.

    You can contact the Health Care Section at 1-717-705-6938 on weekdays from 8:30 AM until 5:00 PM. The Section also has a instate toll-free line, 1-877-888-4877.