• What is the Pennsylvania Do Not Call list?

    Pennsylvania's Do Not Call list is a list of citizens who do not want to receive telemarketing calls in their homes or on their wireless phones. Pennsylvania residents can avoid telemarketing calls by registering their name, addresses and telephone numbers on the Do Not Call list. Telemarketers are prohibited from placing sales calls to any phone numbers on this list. Under Pennsylvania law, the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General oversees the list.

    How does it work?

    The Attorney General's Office has contracted with a nonprofit organization that is responsible for maintaining the list of consumers who want to avoid telemarketing calls. The list administrator is responsible for updating the list and providing it to telemarketers on a quarterly basis. Telemarketers must then remove every name on the Do Not Call list from their calling lists within 30 days of receiving the list. A violation of the law carries a civil penalty of up to $1,000 or $3,000 if the person contacted is age 60 or older.

    How do I sign up?

    There are several ways for you to add your name and number to the Do Not Call list:

    • Click here to complete the online registration form
    • Call the toll-free hotline at 1-888-777-3406
    • Mail your name, complete mailing address, telephone number and signature to:

    Office of Attorney General
    Bureau of Consumer Protection
    Do Not Call List
    Strawberry Square, 15th Floor
    Harrisburg, PA 17120 

    How much does it cost?

    Registration is free.

    What information is needed to place a number on the Do Not Call list?

    You must provide your name, address and phone number(s).

    When will my number be placed on the Do Not Call list, and how long will it take for telemarketers stop calling me?

    Pennsylvania's Do Not Call list is updated four times a year. Telemarketers purchase the Do Not Call list quarterly and have 30 days to remove names and numbers on the list from their own call lists.

    If you register before:  Telemarketers cannot call you after:
    September 15 November 1
    December 15 February 1
    March 15 May 1
    June 15  August 1

    Remember that if you miss the quarterly registration deadline, it will take up to 120 days for your number to appear on the list. 

    What happens if I move?

    You can register your new phone number on the list. You also can update your address information by re-registering even if you kept the same phone number.

    What if I am on the National Do Not Call list?

    Many consumers who are on the National Do Not Call list want the additional protection of being on the state Do Not Call list. The national list is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission. The Pennsylvania list is enforced by the Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection. Consumers can have the benefits of being on both the federal and Pennsylvania Do Not Call lists free-of-charge. Information on the National Do Not Call list is available online at www.donotcall.gov

    Does the Do Not Call List stop all telemarketing calls?

    The Do No Call List should stop MOST telemarketing calls but there are exceptions for:

    • Calls that you request
    • Calls made by businesses to existing customers or to consumers who have done business with the company in the past 12 months - for example: calls from banks with whom you have accounts or your credit card company
    • Debt collection calls
    • Calls from tax-exempt charitable or fraternal organizations
    • Calls from veterans organizations
    • Calls made on behalf of political groups or candidates

    What should I do if I am on the Do Not Call list, and I receive an unsolicited call from a telemarketer?

    You should a file complaint with the Bureau of Consumer Protection call 1-800-441-2555 for assistance.

    Who is the list administrator?

    Direct Marketing Association, a nonprofit organization, serves as the list administrator and updates the list and distributes it to telemarketers on a quarterly basis. Once telemarketers obtains the list from DMA, they have 30 days to remove those names and numbers from their own calling lists. Please remember that the list may only be used for removing names and numbers from calling lists, any other use is a violation of the law.   Telemarketers can obtain a copy of the "Do Not Call" list by calling DMA’s list distribution partner, Interactive Marketing Solutions, at 203-653-2762.  The list can also be obtained online at Pennsylvania Do Not Call List