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Please Note: As part of the complaint handling process, the the Antitrust Section may send a copy of this form to the individual or company against whom your complaint is filed. Failure to supply your complete and accurate contact information may result in delayed processing of your complaint.

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If your complaint involves bid-rigging (where competitors agree in advance who will submit the winning bid):


What is the name of the public or private entities involved in the bid or contract?


What is the product or service put out for bid?


Where did the conduct occur?


Who submitted bids?


Who won the bid/contract?


Describe the bidding process and your concerns with the process.


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Please provide any additional information regarding your complaint.Please explain what happened, when it happened, where it happened and what you would like us to do.






As a law enforcement agency, the primary function of the Office of Attorney General is to represent the public at large. The Antitrust Section will review all complaints received. If additional information is required, you will be contacted. Your complaint will remain on file with our office and the information contained in it may be used to establish violations of Pennsylvania Law. This office cannot release any information about a review or investigation it may undertake.

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