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Protecting Pennsylvania Seniors

With one of the largest populations of citizens over the age of 65, Pennsylvania is a major target for con artists, thieves and others seeking to victimize our seniors.  These criminals operate inside Pennsylvania or from long distance, using telemarketing schemes, mail scams and Internet fraud to commit their crimes.

Seniors are targeted for many kinds of consumer fraud, especially home improvement, financial exploitation, telemarketing and sweepstakes. Scam artists engaging in identity theft, telemarketing and sweepstakes frauds have targeted this group, because seniors are often vulnerable to their pitches.

The Office of Attorney General has an assortment of information available to help make people more aware of the threat of fraud to the elder community, teach them how to avoid being victimized; and to make sure they know who they should call when they are concerned about their safety and well being. 

Educating seniors about crime and how to avoid it is the best way we can help seniors to help themselves.

Browse through our Senior Consumer GuideElder Abuse Unit, Consumer Advisories, Health Care Section and other resources, or sign up for our Senior Crime University program, to help better protect yourself and your loved ones. 

You can also access our online Elder Abuse Unit complaint form, by clicking here, or you can call our toll-free Elder Abuse Hotline at 1-866-623-2137.

Additionally, older consumers may wish to contact the Attorney General's Health Care Section if they are involved in disputes with health insurance companies or medical providers, or contact the Bureau of Consumer Protection if you are involved in other types of consumer disputes.

The Health Care Section can be reached, toll-free, at 1-877-888-4877, and the Bureau of Consumer Protection can be reached at 1-800-441-2555.