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March 21, 2014

Attorney General Kane: Mobile Street Crimes Unit in Hazleton for continued assistance

HARRISBURG - Agents from the Office of Attorney General's Mobile Street Crimes Unit (known as X-IMPACT) this week were visible in Hazleton as part of Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane's commitment to providing continued resources for fighting violent, drug-related crime in the city.

One month ago this week, the unit announced more than 100 arrests and the seizure of approximately 35,000 packets of heroin as a part of "Operation Rising Star." 

Attorney General Kane received updates from her agents regarding continuing law enforcement activities in Hazleton, which experienced significant crime and other offenses associated with rampant drug trafficking and use.

"In retrospect, the inaugural deployment of IMPACT to Hazleton could not have been more successful," Attorney General Kane said. "Law enforcement and stakeholders provided enough intelligence for our team to immediately establish a framework for continuing cooperation between my agents and Hazleton Police Chief Frank DeAndrea."

Attorney General Kane said that the extraordinary cooperation and collaboration among the participating agencies for IMPACT's maiden deployment ensured extraordinary success in a very short period of time ? six months to be exact.

As of December 2013, a local task force identified more than 1,000 individuals associated in some way with 25 separate, violent gangs operating primarily in Hazleton.

"Our job is not done.  Heroin and the violent drug trafficking organizations that supply it are a serious threat to Hazleton and across the Commonwealth," Attorney General Kane said. "But when we deploy IMPACT to a community, it is with the promise that we will offer continued support to ensure its safety, and I intend to keep that promise."

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