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June 26, 2013

Judge issues restraining order in contraband cigarette case

HARRISBURG - Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane today announced that federal Judge John E. Jones, III has issued a Temporary Restraining Order, putting a stop to the shipping, transporting, receiving, or distributing of unstamped cigarettes destined for Pennsylvania or other states.

The judge's order follows Kane's announcement last week that the Office of Attorney General is suing William Achord, Philip Jimerson, Heidi Jimerson, and Wendy Boon. Kane says the four were selling contraband cigarettes through online businesses that were set up simply to avoid paying state cigarette taxes.

The four sold cigarettes through the following entities: NativeBlends.net, Savontobacco.com, Sovran - Solutions - Online.com, Members Service Payment Center, Allegany Sales and Marketing a/k/a Allegany Sales, and Cloud and Company.

Judge Jones also froze the business's bank accounts and ordered that they preserve all paper and electronic records of their transactions. The Temporary Restraining Order will remain in effect until trial. The four have agreed to stop internet sales of cigarettes in Pennsylvania and all other states.

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