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September 15, 2008

Attorney General launches gun violence program

LANCASTER - A new gun violence program, created by the Office of Attorney General, was launched today in Lancaster.

Known as "Think Again: Gun Violence and Straw Purchasing," the program will educate the community on the dangers of gun violence and the effects of straw purchasing. A straw purchase occurs when someone buys a gun for an individual, who is not legally allowed to possess a firearm due to a prior criminal conviction.

The program includes a DVD, which shows the harsh realities and consequences of gun violence through candid interview's with a victim's mother, trauma surgeon and law enforcement.

Earlier this summer the Attorney General's Office, along with the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office , officially launched the Think Again program in Philadelphia.

To tackle the escalating problem of gun violence and homicides in Philadelphia, two years ago the Philadelphia Gun Violence Task Force was created in partnership with the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office and the Philadelphia Police Department. As part of the program, 26 agents were hired, primarily retired homicide investigators, to work hand-in-hand with the Philadelphia police on gun related crimes.

the "Think Again" program is available to communities across Pennsylvania to promote a sense of awareness about the consequences and tragedies related to gun violence and straw purchasing.

Presentations are available, free of charge, by contacting the Attorney General's Education and Outreach Unit at 1-800-525-7642 or by emailing education@attorneygeneral.gov.

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