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School and Educator Resorce Center

Pennsylvania educators and schools are on the front lines everyday helping to guide our children and lay the educational groundwork they need to become productive members of society. With the advent of technology and the Internet, the way you teach and the issues you face with students change as rapidly as the latest version of a videogame. You are expected to handle far more today than just reading, writing and arithmetic - students look to you to be a resource in the classroom and beyond.

The Office of Attorney General is pleased to present the programs and resources listed below to assist you, Pennsylvania educators. Children are our greatest resource, and this site is designed to help you access the information you need to help garner their interest in new and different subject areas.

Operation Safe Surf Truth and Choices  
Stop Gun Violence  PA Laws and Kids  
Request a speaker and materials Report a Cybercrime

Operation Safe Surf | Truth & Choices | Stop Gun Violence | Pennsylvania Laws & Kids |
Request a Speaker | Report a Possible Cybercrime  

For more information on these and other programs offered by the Office of Attorney General, contact the Education and Outreach Office at 1-800-525-7642 or via email at education@attorneygeneral.gov.