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Drug Demand Reduction Unit

History and Mission:

The Drug Demand Reduction Unit (DDRU) was formed to take a multi-faceted approach to fighting the war on drugs. This statewide program is an aggressive leader in the intervention and prevention of drug use, abuse and associated violence. DDRU takes its message into schools and communities by giving educational and motivational presentations, organizing community-based drug and violence-free activities and empowering communities to organize and reclaim their neighborhoods.

Operating under the Bureau of Narcotics Investigations and Drug Control, DDRU has reached thousands of teachers, students, parents, guidance counselors, pharmacists, social service workers and other interested citizens with strategies for combating the scourge of drug use in Pennsylvania. DDRU extends its reach to Pennsylvanians in all corners of the Commonwealth.

What We Do:
Agents assigned to DDRU have established and maintained a strong and active presence with community groups, school districts, business organizations, adult groups and law enforcement entities. This is necessary to develop drug prevention strategies, intervention plans, programs and effective partnerships to deal with issues of substance abuse.

DDRU holds workshops, seminars and training for a variety of segments of the Commonwealth. For example, DDRU will:

  • Educate parent groups about drugs, violence and signs of drug abuse and how to assist their children;
  • Help grass roots and community drug prevention groups to define goals and organizational needs;
  • Assist in developing alternative activities for young people in a community or educational setting;
  • Offer community and neighborhood anti-drug, anti-violence groups the opportunity to apply for an Attorney General Community Drug Abuse Prevention Grant;
  • Help adult organizations and groups to understand and be aware of the problems of drug use and abuse among senior citizens;
  • Assist the business community in an effort to reduce drugs in the workplace.

Special Events:

  • Anti-drug rallies
  • Marches
  • National Nite Out
  • Community Activities
  • Unit Days
  • Public Forums


The Unit will make every effort to support your effort by utilizing its own resources to fit your needs. For additional information, please contact our Drug Demand Reduction Unit at 717-783-2600 or education@attorneygeneral.gov.