Kathleen G. Kane - Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General - Protecting Pennsylvanians

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Protecting Pennsylvania Against Illegal Drugs   

Public safety is the single most important mission for government, and illegal drugs are the number one threat to public safety in Pennsylvania.

The Attorney General's office works together with law enforcement agencies across Pennsylvania to identify and prosecute drug dealers and traffickers who bring illegal drugs into our communities, and to shut down the corrupt criminal organizations that profit from drug sales.

The Attorney General's Bureau of Narcotics Investigation, Drug Strike Force and Drug Task Forces work with local and state police, Pennsylvania's 67 county District Attorneys and federal law enforcement agencies to target drug trafficking throughout the Commonwealth.

The Attorney General's office also works to educate children, parents, teachers, community leaders and elected officials about the dangers of illegal drugs. 

Educational material is available about various commonly-abused drugs. In addition, the office coordinates a variety of educational presentations at schools and civil organizations across the state.

The Attorney General's office also coordinates a Community Drug Abuse Prevention Grant program, helping local organizations address the problem of drug and alcohol abuse in their communities.

The Attorney General sponsors an annual drug-free calendar contest, open to fifth grade students from across the state.