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Criminal Law Division

The Criminal Law Division is the largest segment of the Office of Attorney General, representing more than half of all employees.

The attorneys within the Criminal Law Division are organized into three areas:
»  General Prosecutions;
»  Organized Crime and Narcotics;
»  Law and Appeals.

General Prosecutions is further broken down in the following four sections:
»  Criminal Prosecutions Section;
»  Environmental Crimes Section;
»  Insurance Fraud Section;
»  Medicaid Fraud Control Section.

Likewise, Organized Crime and Narcotics is comprised of three sections:
»  Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section;
»  Drug Strike Force Section;
»  Organized Crime Section.

Law and Appeals is comprised of these three sections:
»  Appeals and Legal Services Section;
»  Computer Forensics Section;
»  Regulatory Compliance and Intelligence Section.

By law, the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General has the power to investigate and prosecute criminal matters relating to the public duties of state officials and employees, corrupt organizations, charges referred by a Commonwealth agency pursuant to such agency's enforcement provisions, presentments returned by an investigating grand jury, and matters arising out of the Medicaid Fraud Control Section. In addition, the Criminal Law Division may prosecute upon request of a district attorney and may handle criminal appeals as the law provides.  Therefore, the Office of Investigations constitutes a large component of the Criminal Law Division.

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