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Telemarketing in Pennsylvania

Telemarketer Frequently Asked Questions
Consumer Frequently Asked Questions

The Pennsylvania Telemarketer Registration Act mandates that you must register with the Office of Attorney General if you use a telephone as part of a plan, program or campaign to induce the purchase of goods or services, or to solicit contributions for a charity when either of the following apply:

  1. Telephone calls are made to or received from a consumer within Pennsylvania;
  2. You are within Pennsylvania when telephone calls are made to or received from consumers, regardless of where the consumer is located.

To assist you in understanding and complying with the law, the following links provide information to help you abide by the telemarketing rules in Pennsylvania:

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Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law
Do-Not-Call List
The Office of Attorney General has contracted with the Direct Marketing Association, a non-profit organization, to act as the list administrator. DMA will update the list and distribute it to telemarketers on a quarterly basis. Telemarketers have thirty days after a quarterly list is issued to remove newly added names and numbers from their own calling list.

Please remember that the list may only be used for removing names and numbers from calling lists, any other use is a violation of the law.

Telemarketers can obtain a copy of the "Do-Not-Call" list by calling DMA at 203-653-2746. DMA is also online at preference.the-dma.org.