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Financial Literacy: Earning a Lifetime of Dividends

The Attorney General is encouraging consumers to focus on how to protect themselves against credit and billing scams. This type of fraud is of growing concern and harms consumers in a variety of ways, including significant monetary losses.

"Each year thousands of consumers contact my office to report unauthorized credit card charges, billing disputes, misleading solicitations and finance scams," The Attorney General said. "Many others seek advice about their credit reports or payment dilemmas.?

In an effort to educate consumers, the Bureau of Consumer Protection has compiled the following documents that consumers should review.

Credit Card Debt: Money Saving Tips for Consumers

Understanding Your Right to Challenge Your Credit Card Bill

Loan Smarts: What Every Borrower Should Known

Protect Yourself: How to Avoid Identify Theft

Consumers and Debt: Finding the Right Credit Counseling Agency for You

Credit Contact Information