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Eudora for the Mac:

  1. Open the spam and click the BLAH BLAH BLAH button on the upper left hand corner of the message. This shows the extended headers.
  2. Select the whole message including headers and paste into the form.

Eudora for the PC - there are 2 slightly different methods depending on whether the mail contains HTML or not.

  1. In any case, to prepare for HTML email, you should turn off the use of Microsoft's HTML viewer. To do so, click Tools, then Options, then Viewing Mail. Uncheck the box labeled "Use Microsoft's viewer."
  2. How to know if it's HTML mail: once you have opened the email, look near the bottom of the headers (see below for revealing headers) for a line like the following: Content-Type: text/html ... you can frequently spot HTML email because it has font effects, pictures, etc but this is not always true so you have to take a quick look at the headers.
  3. Why do I care if it's HTML mail: all kinds of interesting things can be "hidden" in HTML mail that won't show up when you see the mail interpreted by your email program/browser. Actual URLs do not necessarily show up in interpreted HTML messages. For example: you might see CLICK HERE but the underlying HTML contains a URL that indicates the spammers web site. In order to report properly the form needs those hidden URLs.

Eudora for the PC - non-HTML mail:

  1. Open the email by double clicking on the subject line. Click the 'blah blah blah' button to reveal the headers.
  2. Place your cursor anywhere in the body of the email and select the entire message (Edit/Select All or Ctrl-A)
  3. Copy the entire email (right click and click copy OR Ctl/C OR Edit/Copy)
  4. Paste (right click/paste or Ctl/V) the entire message into the form.

Eudora for the PC - HTML mail:

  1. Open the email and click blah blah blah.
  2. Hi-lite the headers only. Copy and paste the headers into the form as above.
  3. Hit enter twice after the pasted headers to force a blank line after the headers.
  4. Back in Eudora window, place your cursor anywhere in the body of the message and right click and click "view source". A new window will open.
  5. In the new window, select all (as above) and copy the contents of the new window.
  6. Paste the window contents into the form.